About us

We are a forwarding company specializing in domestic and international transport. Our priority is to provide transport services always on time and at the lowest prices.

Continuous development and cooperation with a base of regular suppliers, we are unrivaled in the industry, and we treat each order individually.

Many years of experience in land and sea transport allow us to offer a wide range of services, from express transport to oversized transport.

Our company stands out for punctuality, responsibility and constant contact with the client to ensure maximum comfort for those using our services.

Our transport services
Express transport
Our offer includes express transport, which guarantees quick delivery of goods on the agreed date. Thanks to our fleet of proven subcontractors, we have the right vehicles to meet even the most demanding orders. Express transport is an ideal solution for customers who need fast and reliable delivery of goods.

Groupage transport
We also offer groupage transport, which enables the transportation of smaller amounts of goods on regional and national routes. Thanks to our specialized vehicles, we are able to deliver your goods safely and on time. Our fleet is equipped with unloading platforms, HDS and cold storage to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Full-truck transport
If you need to transport large loads on domestic and foreign routes, our offer also includes full-truck transport. We have vehicles with various load capacities that are ideally suited to the transport of larger goods. Thanks to our fleet with unloading platforms, HDS or refrigerated trucks, we can deliver your goods fully secured and on time.

Oversized transport
We also specialize in oversized transport, which allows the transportation of extremely large or unusual loads. Our fleet is equipped with specialized vehicles and equipment to ensure the safe transportation of such goods. Regardless of the size or shape, we can transport your bulky cargo.

Why choose Frogstrans?

We have been operating in the transport industry for almost 8 years, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience and knowledge of the market. Our company applies European cooperation standards to provide our clients with the highest quality of services.

Individual approach
Our approach to each order is individual. We understand that each client has different needs and expectations. Therefore, we carefully analyze each order and select the appropriate vehicle fleet and route to guarantee trouble-free transport.

Competitive prices
The prices of our services are appropriately adjusted to the quality and scope of the services we provide. Thanks to our base of regular suppliers and process optimization, we are able to offer competitive prices without sacrificing the highest quality of services.

Safety is the most important thing to us. We make sure that each transport is carried out in accordance with the highest safety standards. Our fleet of vehicles is regularly serviced and we comply with all transport regulations.

We invite you to use our transport services. Need a quick quote or have any questions?

Contact us by phone: 505 75 61 61 or write to us at the following e-mail address: frogstrans@gmail.com

We are ready to meet your expectations and provide you with reliable transport.

Why Frogstrans?


We have been operating in the transport industry for almost 8 years


We apply European cooperation standards


We approach each order individually


The prices of our services are adjusted accordingly

Our fleet

Many years of experience allows us to cooperate with carriers who have the right cars. Thanks to this, we can offer each client a perfectly matched vehicle, tailored to the needs of a given order.



For transporting small quantities of goods on regional and national routes.


For transporting large loads on domestic and foreign routes.

Specialized trucks

Equipped with unloading platforms, HDS or refrigerators.

We invite you to check what we else we can offer.

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