International removals

Moving is usually associated with great changes in people’s lives. We move as a result of a change of job, marriage or enlargement of the family. For most of us, moving to another city is already a major undertaking, let alone moving to another country. While we are able to organize a move within one country ourselves, an international move certainly requires professional help.

How to deal with the move?

The main advantage of this type of solution is the comprehensive service of a company that organizes international removals. It is not only the transport of furniture, but also assistance in completing all formalities related to the transport of items to countries in the European Union and beyond. . Typically, this service also includes packing shipments, disassembly of equipment, possible storage if the transport time is prolonged, as well as assistance with customs clearance, reassembly and unpacking. Thus, the service of a company that deals with removals saves time and money. It is also a guarantee that our belongings will not be damaged or lost, because any losses are covered by insurance. In addition, usually when ordering international removal, the service provider offers us great flexibility, allows you to combine shipments from several cities and delivers them in the date we choose.

Who is going abroad?

The number of Poles residing permanently abroad since Poland’s accession to the European Union has been constantly increasing. This created a huge demand for international removals. Many people leave all their belongings in the country, or try to sell them on portals with local advertisements, often for next to nothing. Fortunately, there are companies that help with moving abroad. Transporting home furnishings to the border is a real logistical undertaking, so it is worth using the services of companies that deal with it professionally. Not only residents of villages and small towns, which have no prospects for improving their economic situation, go west to look for work, but also people from large cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań or Wrocław. They are both uneducated and university graduates. International removals offer a chance to significantly facilitate the entire process, because you don’t have to worry about anything in this situation. Just order a transport that will do everything for you. Such a move abroad is often the only chance for a better life and thanks to companies offering international removals, you will not have to start all over again. Companies operating on the market for several years have already gained such experience that the time of the entire project is limited to a minimum. Thanks to the growing competition on the market, the prices of such a service are more and more favorable and more people decide to transport furniture abroad.