Our company is a team of professionals working for you in the field of moving and transport services. We provide our services on the route Wrocław – Gorzów Wielkopolski, Gorzów Wielkopolski – Wrocław


We evaluate removals and transport services already at the stage of conversation with the client. Once the amount is set, it remains unchanged. At the client’s request, we can expand the scope of our services.


We have a modern fleet of cars. Each vehicle is secured with tracking monitoring, so we know what is happening to your cargo. Additionally, each property is insured during transport and handling. In addition, we offer professional and experienced service, serving private and business clients. We organize domestic, international and intercontinental removals.


We are convinced that we will meet all requirements because of our many years of experience in this field. Punctuality, accuracy, conscientiousness and professionalism are our main features, and it is up to you whether you will give us the opportunity to prove it ;-). We want to make sure that moving is not associated with stress, but rather as a day of complete relaxation and good organization. We can provide this for you.

Just call or contact us by e-mail and provide the scope of services you need. One of us will contact you with a ready quote and then all we have to do is wait for the scheduled date of transport or removal. We will prove to you that these are not just empty words, but above all our professionalism.