Removals Rzeszow price list


We often ask ourselves “is there a difference between a more expensive and a cheaper moving company?”

There’s an old saying in business that says, “cheaper companies throw all the stuff in the back of the van and then back in the other end, breaking half in the process.” In the real world, you have to think about what is really important to you; the furniture is moved from one place to another, transported, then unloaded and placed in the new home It. not nuclear physics!

Let’s face it, A more expensive company is responsible, efficient with nice service. This is a company that will get to us on time, will not break your most valuable items, are courteous and will deliver your belongings in one piece at the agreed time. Interestingly, smaller or family-owned companies seem to be better at what they do.


What do you need?

The first thing is what you are really looking for. Some companies offer complete disassembly, furniture assembly, cleaning, property security and other more sophisticated services. You will end up paying for these services! If you just want to move your house and are not looking for a van, you have a wide choice. Before finding a company, decide what level of service you actually need.


Where to look?

Advertisements in magazines and newspapers are a good starting point. The best way is to use search engines such as Google or Yahoo or trust a company with recommendations. Once you have a list you can start the selection process. Price is of course a key criterion. Online forums are another way to find a business where you can ask others for feedback.

Every moving company claims we have an excellent service, but research shows that 90% of moving companies really do provide a good service. The only question is how much should you pay?


We provide:

– Service at the highest level
– Inspection of the apartment or office at the client’s request in order to present the Moving Cost Estimate
– Property insurance for the time of moving

Our company has been operating continuously until 2014. During this time, we have performed hundreds of removals in the country and abroad. We have sent resettlement property outside Europe to the USA and Australia. We help with customs clearance in Poland and abroad. We provide the necessary packaging and protection materials.