Removals Szczecin-Warsaw

MOVES SZCZECIN WARSAW – what has the greatest impact on the cost of moving?

The route from Szczecin to Warsaw is one of many routes we travel. And in fact, the price is not influenced by whether it is a trip from Warsaw or from Szczecin to Warsaw.

What is important to us is how far in advance we receive information from you about your intention to move. Why is this happening? This is because when driving all over Poland, we can afford to count the route in the so-called one page. For example. You commission us to move from Szczecin to Warsaw and we choose the date, e.g. transport of the cargo to the return section from Warsaw to Szczecin. In this way, the costs are divided in half, which allows us to offer you a much more attractive offer.

The situation is different when the move is to be made in a city, e.g. Warsaw from street to street or in Szczecin, then the costs are calculated in hourly rates. Another factor that influences the price is the so-called additional services. What I mean here is the service of bringing in and taking down property, securing items before transport, packing property in boxes provided by our company, assembling and dismantling furniture and many others. In fact, it is you who set the limits of our services, because for us the impossible does not exist, and our many years of experience in relocations give us such an opportunity.

MOVES SZCZECIN WARSAW – what is relocation really?

Here, let me expand a little on the subject of the relocation itself so that you know what it actually looks like. My main point is to show that moving is not only about traveling from point a to point b, e.g. from Szczecin to Warsaw but there are a number of services and factors related to it. What exactly do I mean?

As usual, I’ll use an example. In most cases, people ordering a removal service from e.g. Szczecin- Warszawa call or write immediately asking about the price. Of course, we would like to do this, but our honesty and many years of experience simply do not allow us to do so. Why am I writing about honesty? Because we could, of course, give an approximate price and start calculating the so-called price after arriving at the place on the day of the move. “additional costs”. We say NO to such actions, and I know that unfortunately many moving companies operate this way.

They use their experience to take advantage of people’s ignorance. We are aware that you have the right not to know certain things, because these are often the first moves in your life, but we, as a company specializing in this field, have an obligation to inform you about it. We must conduct a conversation or correspondence in this way to find out from you what your expectations are and then do everything to meet them. This is what professionalism is all about, i.e. sharing your knowledge and not using it for shameful purposes.

MOVERS SZCZECIN WARSAW – additional services that are most often ordered.

Following my thought, let me list the most common additional services in relocations from Szczecin to Warsaw and more. The first most popular is the service of carrying and carrying property by porters. Its price is influenced by the floor on which the items are located and whether there is access to an elevator. The next service will be property security. You can of course do it yourself, but in my opinion it is better to entrust it to a moving company.

What I mean here is primarily experience and skillful selection of appropriate protective materials to be sure that on such a long route, e.g. from Szczecin to Warsaw everything will arrive intact and undamaged. Packing property in boxes provided by our company is a service that not everyone can afford, but it definitely saves time and nerves, although not money ;-). The last thing I want to mention here is the assembly and disassembly of furniture. This service is not necessary in every case, and mainly applies to furniture that is larger in size or cannot be moved in its entirety.

MOVES FROM SZCZECIN TO WARSAW – when is the best time to start planning your move? How far in advance should you look for a transport company?

There is really no silver bullet when planning a move, because life usually writes its own script and it is done in a relatively short time. This is influenced by many factors, e.g. job change, need to return to the place of birth, etc. Our biggest dream as a moving company would be to receive information about the move at least a month in advance, so as to be able to plan everything. Unfortunately, in most cases this is not the case and we have to adapt to your expectations. One thing is certain, no matter how much time we have, we need to determine what we can do ourselves and what we can outsource to a moving company. I think this should be the starting point in every case, because it makes the entire work organization much easier. Now that we know who belongs to whom, we can focus on the rest of the matters that are certainly related to such a move.