Transport of goods Rzeszów

TRANSPORT OF GOODS RZESZÓW – what has the greatest impact on the price of the transport service?

We transport goods from Rzeszów to all places in Poland and Europe. Our main destination is England and Western Europe.

In order to price the transport, it is important for us how far in advance we receive information from you about the intention to transport the goods. Why is this happening? This is because when driving all over Poland and Europe, we can afford to count the route in the so-called one page. For example. You entrust us with transport from Rzeszów to Berlin, and we select, for example, the transport of cargo on the return section from Berlin to Rzeszów. In this way, the costs are divided in half, which allows us to offer you a much more attractive offer.

The situation is different when the transport is to be made in the city, e.g. Rzeszów from street to street, then the costs are calculated in hourly rates. Another factor that influences the price is the so-called additional services. What I mean here is the service of bringing in and taking down property, securing items before transport, packing property in boxes provided by our company, assembling and dismantling furniture and much more. In fact, it is you who set the limits of our services, because for us the impossible does not exist, and our many years of experience in transport give us such an opportunity.

TRANSPORT OF GOODS RZESZÓW – when is the best time to start planning transport? How far in advance should you look for a transport company?

There is really no golden mean when it comes to transport planning, because life usually writes its own script and it is done in a relatively short time. This is influenced by many factors, e.g. the size and quantity of the goods, the weight of the goods (adr), etc. Our biggest dream as a transport company would be to receive information about the transport at least a few days in advance, so as to be able to plan everything. Unfortunately, in most cases this is not the case and we have to adapt to your expectations. One thing is certain, no matter how much time we have, we need to determine what we can do ourselves. I think this should be the starting point in every case, because it makes the entire work organization much easier. Now that we know who it belongs to, we can focus on the rest of the matters that are certainly related to such a transport service.