We offer professional assistance in moving from Gdańsk to Germany. With us, your furniture and items will safely reach your new home. Thanks to the wide range of our services, we will take care of every stage of your move.

Removals Gdańsk Germany

We transport both large and smaller parcels. We provide not only transport, but also delivery and delivery. You don’t have to worry that there is no elevator in the building or you can’t go directly to the front door. We have extensive experience in moving and transporting furniture and packages of various sizes from unusual places, for example low attics, hard-to-reach basements or narrow staircases.

No time to pack? We will quickly and easily prepare all the contents of your current home for moving. We use materials, boxes and foils that will properly protect everything you need to transport. Do you want to transport delicate items? We will also help you protect glass or porcelain dishes, paintings, instruments and other things that require special care.

Transport of goods Gdańsk Germany

Thanks to a large fleet of modern vehicles and an appropriate number of employees, we are able to plan and carry out your move even within a few days. We guarantee that the transport date will be tailored to your needs, and our drivers will reach you on time.

Honesty is as important to us as punctuality. All our drivers are professionals who will quickly but safely transport your luggage to your new address. We plan each move with a specific client in mind. We will not change the agreed transport date or choose longer routes – with us you can be sure that you will only pay for the services you order. We will calculate the cost of the move reliably based on working hours and kilometers to be covered.

We encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We offer not only professional transport and moving of furniture, but also – according to your needs – assistance in packing and unpacking your things.