Moving – leave it to us!

If you have already completed at least one of them – you are perfectly aware of what a huge challenge you are facing. Just packing all your stuff takes a few days, provided you take time off from work.
There is also a before and after story associated with moving. You are probably standing in a place where you are just moving to a new place, so in recent weeks or months you have spent hours on the phone and weeks in front of the computer. Additionally, after the move, you will have to “fine-tune” things. Completion of renovation or change of address in documents.
We understand you perfectly and know how you feel, so let us help you and leave the technical side of transport to the professional staff.

What can you count on?

We are a transport company specializing in relocations. We have already moved many families, transported a lot of furniture and we have extensive experience in this stressful moment for you.
We have a modern fleet that will ensure the safety of the transported goods.
Most importantly, we will transport your personal belongings from wherever you want and where you want. It is not important for us to travel across Poland with your belongings or to take you to another country.
If you need more information – call and ask – we expect a tired tone of voice with doubts and lots of questions. Don’t worry – expect comprehensive answers.

We have one good news for you

Once your belongings are in our transport vehicles, you will already have one foot in your new place.

We want to give you some good advice now:

1. Pack your coffee last – it will be useful until the last minute
2. Yes, about 90% of people when leaving their apartment shout: “More pictures!”
3. Cardboard boxes – you can order them from us
4. Yes, you really have so much stuff.

We wholeheartedly wish you good luck,
Domestic and International Removals Team