Many foreign companies have branches in Poland, so employees can easily move between branches of a given company throughout Europe and the world. Recently, the demand for removals from Poland to Switzerland has increased.

What do we need to move to Switzerland?

When deciding to move to Switzerland, we must remember that it is not in the European Union, even though it is in the Schengen area. So when we move to this country we have to do some paperwork. Before we start packing, we need to prepare documents for customs clearance in Poland and Switzerland.

Documents needed for customs clearance in Poland:

– authorization in the original,
– list of items with net and gross weight (approximate weight) along with the address in Poland and Switzerland along with the approximate valuation of each item in Euro, Francs, USD,
– copy of ID card or passport,
Documents needed for customs clearance in Switzerland:
Original completed and signed customs form 18.44. We can send it to you by e-mail. This form is needed with the original signature at the border!
– Copies of the passport of the person transferring all family members
– A copy of your Swiss residence permit and/or;
– Employment contract
– Report at the Swiss town hall
– Swiss rental agreement
– List of goods / packaging of goods (preferably translated into English or German)
Please note that for household goods a maximum of 200 liters of wine/beer and a maximum of 12 liters of spirit may be imported duty/tax free. If alcohol is included with your shipment, a detailed alcohol list is needed.
If a car is later imported to Switzerland, you also need to be notified about it.
It should also be remembered that resettlement property is not subject to customs duty, but the condition is that the property must be in our possession for at least 6 months, otherwise you will have to pay customs duty on the goods and incur additional costs.
What to pay attention to?
Once we have the documents completed, we can start moving. When loading goods into a car, remember that each package is marked, weighed and entered on the property list. For a company that will transport goods, the weight is very important, and providing it in advance is even necessary. This will help you choose the right vehicle for the move. I must mention that customs officers weigh every vehicle passing through customs into Switzerland.
Our company specializes in this type of removals from Poland to Switzerland and from Switzerland to Poland, so we encourage you to use our services