Our company provides assistance during the transport of furniture and household appliances. In this way, we help private individuals in moving to another place of residence, in moving to Warsaw and other places. We also help with the transport of goods from a company store or products from a construction store.

Transport at any time

We are happy to help our clients when moving their belongings. At the same time, we offer a free quote for our transport services over the phone. We will be happy to arrive at the indicated location and ensure safe collection of all items and then secure them in our transport.

Our cars

We are equipped with unique transport vehicles, equipped with a loading elevator. This makes loading all the furniture and other things much easier. Our customers can be sure that we treat the transported items very carefully. We issue not only bills, but also invoices.

We offer friendly service to all clients from Warsaw, Rzeszów and the surrounding area. We tell them how to organize such a move to Warsaw step by step. Additionally, we offer relocation to other places, after learning about the expectations of new customers. Welcome to our transport company!