Our transport activities are carried out for a wide range of clients from Wrocław. They are the ones who need the transport of goods to cities such as Gdańsk or Gdynia. They go to the seaside, move out or want to transport some valuable things. Then they are happy to use the services of a proven and reliable transport company that has been operating on this market and on this route for many years. What makes us special?

Affordable prices

We decided to introduce a modern fleet of cars and, at the same time, introduce many organizational activities. Thanks to them, we have managed to reduce the prices of all transport services to a minimum. Different cars allow us to adapt to the needs of specific customers. Thanks to this, we also direct our transport of goods to corporate clients.

Nice service

Already during contact, we want to maintain the best possible relationships with our clients. We encourage you to call us and obtain reliable information about our transport services, as well as to book some of them.

Thanks to such efforts, we have been able to operate on the Warsaw economic market for several years now. Only this approach allowed us to overtake other transport companies that offer similar transport services to us. So we invite you to our transport company to transport things from Wrocław to Gdańsk.