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We are a transport company with many years of experience on both the Polish and European markets. Our main goal is to ensure that transport is always on time at the lowest price. Due to the numerous routes our carriers have to cover, we can carry out both dedicated and so-called groupage. We have numerous transport insurances to ensure transport comfort for both us and you. We travel all over Poland and Europe, not only on the main routes, such as Krakow-Warsaw, but also to small neighboring towns. We carry out so-called “door to door” transports where you do not have to travel to the main pickup point, which saves you time and money.


We realize how important time is our clients. So we take care to determine as accurate as possible transport deadline or removal from Krakow to Warsaw, </ span>and we try to adapt it to the client. When I write “we try,” I mean the type of transport or service that is ordered. Setting a date for transporting the entire car on a specific route is completely different, e.g. Kraków Warszawa be Warszawa Kraków</span > and differently if it is a combined transport where the car must drive to different places and load individual goods. In such a case, a main route with smaller loads along the way is established and the approximate time it takes for the driver to reach each location is provided. Then the customer is informed about the specific time of arrival of the driver, which must be met. The situation is different if the transport of the entire car is ordered, because at the very beginning you set the most convenient loading and unloading dates and we adapt to it. Of course, each of these options has its pros and cons and depends on the client’s needs, which are most important to usathat we always do everything to meet them</span >

TRANSPORT SERVICES KRAKÓW WARSAW – Price or quality, or maybe both?

Is it possible to ensure that the quality of the transport service goes hand in hand with its quality? In my opinion, it just requires proper organization and, of course, experience. When ordering transport fromKraków to Warsawfor the entire car, it is important to inform us properly in advance. And why is this so important? This is because many years of cooperation with various companies, e.g. manufacturing, give us the opportunity to be competitive in terms of price. Moreover, I forgot to mention that I deal with transport not only around Poland but also throughout Europe, which means we don’t have to return to our destination, we just keep going. Unfortunately, regional companies that only travel in one direction can no longer afford it and have to calculate the rate in both directions, which we do not have to do. If you have a smaller load to transport and you are not necessarily pressed for time, we can offer the so-called combined transport, where you only pay for the occupied cargo space in the car. What’s more? Due to the fact that we are not a courier company, you have a guarantee that we do not make any transfers to other cars that deliver data in a given region. The only difference in combined transport is the waiting time, which is increased by the unloading time of the remaining items. This does not change the fact that the quality is still maintained and the price is definitely lower.


The answer is simple;-)Because you are guaranteed the highest quality at the most attractive price. Our motto is “Nothing is impossible in transport” and we are able to meet all requirements. You need a refrigerator, a semi-trailer, a set, a solo truck, a bus with a tarpaulin or a rigid structure, a team to take it down, carry it in, assemble it, dismantle it… just contact us and specify your needs and we will adapt to them. Our many years of experience in the transport and relocation market allow us to face any challenge without fear. In addition, we have all types of domestic and foreign transport insurance, as well as insurance in the event of damage to property during transport or transport. This gives us and you incredible work comfort and a guarantee of the highest quality.

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